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New regulations could attract more high quality investors und lead to rising trade volumes.

It’s not just about technology, it’s about people developing a data-driven mindset, the Center of Analytics team explains.

The Generation Y and the clichés about their handling of money. For what do millennials spend money wisely and where do they waste it.

The call center agents at EOS have quite a record of helping people to pay their dues.

EOS Director Marwin Ramcke explains his success strategy for trading NPL in 2018.

A new breed of fintech firm is promising to make requirements like know-your-customer a breeze.

EOS Hungary was one of the first players to realize the potential of secured retail loans - rising to a leading position in the booming market.

A 19.8 percent increase in turnover. 237.6 EURO million in earnings. And 7,441 employees with zero doubt about the future: EOS had a great business year 2017/18.

Looking back at 2017/18: The EOS Board recount the recent financial year.