• As a central collection system, Kollecto+ improves the efficiency of the EOS Group.
  • Platform design allows companies to contribute knowledge and experience.
  • Teams of experts ensure fast implementation and ongoing improvement.
Once a month, employees from various EOS companies meet one another in a call center: In some respects it is also a meeting of two worlds, because in the “Kollecto+ Community Call”, IT and Operations talk to one another. Two different areas united by one goal: How can we standardize collection processes to become more efficient – and at an international level?

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Interview Cristian Musat
Interview Cristian Musat

Debt collection platform for entire EOS Group provides global benefit

Collection systems are the cornerstone of debt collection companies. They provide operations staff with all the important data about outstanding receivables such as payment amounts, contact attempts or calculations for installment plans. Originally, each EOS company had its own system, until EOS Romania was entrusted with developing Kollecto+, a software program that standardizes processes. 

The ten specialists initially involved has meanwhile become a 76-strong team. And the system they developed has produced a perfect example of cross-border collaboration, because they created Kollecto+ as a web-based platform to which all companies connected to the system can contribute their experience. “This allows us to standardize processes, leverage synergies and make the collection process more efficient,” says Cristian Musat, Managing Director EOS Technology Solutions, who has been the ‘brains’ of the project from the very beginning.

Benefiting from the experiences of other countries

Benefiting from the experiences of other countries

What this specifically means was shown, for example, during the transfer of the company’s new data hub to the cloud, says González Pedreira, Strategy Project Manager at EOS Spain, where Kollecto+ is set to be implemented by the end of 2023: “EOS Croatia had already successfully completed this transfer. At EOS Spain we are now benefiting from the experiences they had – as will all the other EOS companies that will be part of the system.”

“80 to 90 percent of the tasks and challenges facing the various companies are similar,” adds Mirjana Ćevriz. Mirjana is a business analyst at EOS Serbia and a member of the K+ Experts – a team of specialists with sound knowledge of Kollecto+ as well as expertise in highly disparate areas of EOS such as business users, development, or data and analysis. These capabilities allow the team to support EOS colleagues worldwide with the use and further development of Kollecto+. Mirjana’s experience can be summed up thus: “Instead of wasting time and energy in the individual companies, we help one another. This means that there is no need for every company to start from scratch with each new process.”
Снимка показва Рейналдо Гонзалес Педрейра, мениджър стратегически проекти в EOS Испания.
Снимка показва Миряна Чевриз, бизнес анализатор в EOS Сърбия и член на екипа K+ Experts.

Instead of wasting time and energy in the individual companies, we help one another. This means that there is no need for every company to start from scratch with each new process.

Mirjana Ćevriz
Business analyst at EOS Serbia and member of the K+ Experts team.

Individual particularities are taken into account

Despite all the commonalities, a modular design allows the various individual differences between the companies to be accommodated. These consist of distinct needs in respect of markets and customers, different statutory provisions, and tailored, country-specific approaches to defaulting consumers. 

The system also provides the basis for the digitization of processes, says Cristian: “In Kollecto+, many decisions are made automatically on the basis of markers in the system. The tools provided by the system allow consumers and customers to enjoy a fully digital experience that we strive to constantly improve.”
Since 2023, Kollecto+ has been fully implemented in seven of the 24 EOS countries. In Spain, the rollout will be completed in 2023, followed by Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Belgium and Germany over the next two years. Coordinated by EOS IT Romania, the team of experts is improving the system on an ongoing basis. “Alongside all the measurable successes, I am especially pleased by the spirit that we have created in the entire EOS Group,” says Cristian. “We are no longer thinking in silos, but are working with one other internationally. Kollecto+ has therefore proven that technology is not only capable of driving processes but also of fostering a corporate culture.”

Efficient collection worldwide

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